Feel at home

Your sense of neighborhood is not lost even when you are away from home. Sachayan Mansion makes your feel comfortable as it is your second home.  The reception area is beautifully decorated with a fusion of the eastern decors with the western furniture.

Most parents usually use this area as their own guest room, where their friends come and meet them while the children are at school. Reception area is also often used for sitting, chatting, reading and relaxing while they wait for the children to come back from schools.

While the adults use this comfort zone to mingle with their neighbours (who become friends for life), the children from different apartment units in the building use this area to sit down and do their homework with their friends.

Sachayan Mansion is a very spacious apartment in cosmopolitan Bangkok.

We cater to all types of families, both big and small.

We have different types of rooms including the two bedroom and the three bedroom apartment units.

We look for residents who will share the joy of long term stay from one year onwards, so that the feeling of neighbourhood is cultivated and enjoyed by all the residents who become friends for lives.

Our Lives Here

“Our apartment is like a small communities consisting of different families from different places, but we are maintained and managed by our professional team members. We help one another and work our hardest to assure your comfortable living here both days & nights, only at Sachayan Mansion.”