As we drive or walk through the gate, we are warmly welcome by our responsible security guards.

We are a team of 4 security guards who work in pair to make sure your days & nights are safe and sound. We work hard to assure you that security is our top priority.


We have a team of 2 cleaners who work best to keep Sachayan Mansion as clean and tidy as always.

You will find that our common facilities are always kept to the utmost cleanliness.


We aim to provide you with the maximum efficiency of living place.

However, if things go wrong, we are a team of 3 people, who live here on site and will help you with technical issues you may face for example, plumbing and electricity needs.

Administrators & Management

We are a team of 2-3 people working our best to cater for the needs regarding your booking, rents, invoices, customer service and any other help you may need along the way.

Shuttle Transport

We provide “shuttle” transport to the nearby places within the local neighborhood around the Mansion.